Are you struggling since your loved one has become ill?

Are you now caring for an aging parent that didn’t take care of you?

Is talking with your family about your ill loved one stressful?

As you face challenges…

Aging is an inevitable part of living, but as we age, we may need help from our family members and other caregivers. Both the aging adult and caregivers face such decisions as:

  • Who are appropriate caregivers?
  • What decisions do aging loved ones make for themselves?
  • What decisions do caregivers make for the aging loved ones?
  • How do adult children deal with the role reversal of acting like parents to their own parents?

As we age, so do our families of origin. Sometimes we are called back to our families of origin to help aging family members – like our siblings or parents. This can be challenging for many people.  When we are called back to help, things like old wounds, family dysfunction and confusion on where to go for help can arise.

With so many critical decisions to make, who helps both an aging loved one as well as caregivers?

I do.

I’m ready to help…

My name is Leslie Sessley and I am a therapist for aging adults and anyone who cares for them. I help:

  • Caregivers.
  • Family members of aging loved ones.
  • Older adults in need of caregiving.

If you are an aging adult or a caregiver for an aging adult and you need help dealing with issues of aging, making decisions, and finding appropriate resources, contact me.   I’m a phone call away and I look forward to offering support to you.

P.S. I’m available for speaking opportunities:

Contact me if you would like me to speak to your organization about issues related to aging adults, their family members, or their caregivers.